what to wear and other kit advice

The club has several sets of essential clothing for fencing, consisting of the main protection a Plastron, Jacket, Glove and Mask, and weapons that all new members will be provided with. 

On arrival, all new members must wear some kind of protective long trousers such as leggings or tracksuit bottoms (no shorts) a tee-shirt and trainers with good grip.

(Please ensure that trousers/tracksuit bottoms are not too long, as they can cause you to slip). We try to wear shoes which are for indoor use only, as dust and dirt from outside can make the floor very slippery and dangerous.

It is good to bring a bottle of water or squash to drink as fencing can be a warm exercise and you will need to stay hydrated.

If you have had experience and have your own kit. Feel free to bring it along.  

Image by alevision.co